22 Ekim 2013 Salı

Fashionable Silver Locket

Recently my roommate's birthday. A friend of mine, wanted to surprise her. We decided to take silver locket. Than it's time to prepare a nice table. My room was surrounded by cream-colored chairs and cream-colored curtains. I lit a candle in the green and the air took on a dimly lit table at a time. Wine, fruit basket, chocolate, peanuts, chips, silver locket are on the table and it was very elegant and beautiful.

Silver Locket

I had a few things to be done in the business. One of them is called Duygu estranged friend to invite them to be reconciled with the house party was supposed to be a surprise. I was invited and he offend me. I called Duygu  in my room and I gave the silver locket. She love it. Because silver locket is so fashionable.

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